Bengaluru's Good Quest Delivers Meals To Homes Of Covid Patients

COVID-19 causes enormous fatigue, and cooking the nutritious, healthy meals, can become impossible. This is where a group of individuals from Bengaluru, collectively called Good Quest Foundation, steps in

Fresh, nutritious food is prepared for Covid patients and their families in home isolation in Bengaluru.


With hospital beds being hard to come by, Covid patients who are asymptomatic or mildly ill are being encouraged to home isolate. But Covid can lead to fatigue and it is difficult to find the energy to cook healthy meals. That is where a Bengaluru-based NGO steps in with their service, "Food To Your Doorstep".

Fresh, nutritious food is prepared for Covid patients and their families in home isolation in Bengaluru, at kitchens in different parts of the city.

Santhosh Kumar, director of Good Quest Foundation told NDTV,  "We are a group of young people. Bangalore-based working professionals. Students, entrepreneurs, people in the government field. We are all coming together as like-minded people to serve the community in need right now. Our project is called 'Food To Your Doorstep'. We are catering to patients who are under home isolation, who can't find hospital beds, who can't access kitchen to cook for themselves. We are providing lunch and dinner. Our group of volunteers can deliver this to their doorstep."

Abhijit is a young volunteer who was working at one of the kitchens.

"We are packing food packets for all the Covid patients and the families who are not able to cook for themselves currently," he said. "We are delivering the food packets to their houses as per their requirements, whenever and wherever it arises."

Over 1,000 food packages head out everyday across the city. Chapatis, rice, vegetables and sambar are part of the meal - and sometimes eggs and fruit, depending on the requirements of the beneficiaries. All this is free of cost to the patients and their families.

Rehana has been receiving the meals for two weeks. A friend, who knew about this service, helped organise this for her. Rehana told NDTV, "Me, my mom and dad, we were not even in a position to move around. So my friend said she would send food from home. I said 'Don't do that. People are even scared to come near our door.' She made these arrangements. From the time she spoke to me, we have been getting food for the last 14 days now. At the beginning I was a little hesitant to take food from outside, but the food is really good. It was a big support. I didn't have to go to the kitchen. I didn't have to go myself, as I wasn't even in a position to move around. I just had to take out the food and have it, nutritious, healthy food." 

Frank, another beneficiary, heard about this service from his sister. "It has really helped us because in this tough situation it is really difficult for us to cook or take care of ourselves. It is really helpful for us," he said. 

The group also helps with delivery of medicines and counselling for those in distress.

As part of the Lottoland Aaj Ka Sitara series, we feature ordinary citizens and their extraordinary actions. Lottoland will support Good Quest Foundation's cause with a cash incentive of Rs 1 lakh.