This Article is From Sep 28, 2021

On Camera, Bengaluru Building Comes Crashing Down

No causalities or injuries were reported as the occupants had run outside once they suspected the building - a very old one - was about to fall down

The building has been constructed in 1962


An old building collapsed in Bengaluru's Wilson Garden neighburhood today at around 11.40 am.

No causalities or injuries were reported as the building's occupants had contacted emergency services and run outside before the structure - built in 1962 - fell down.

Fortunately, most of the occupants were away at work when the building collapsed.

Those still inside had been alerted by their neighbours to plaster and falling pieces of debris.

A dramatic video shows the weather-beaten two-floor house on a side street with a compound wall on the right and two other houses - a blue one and a yellow one - in front and behind.


As the 20-second video plays out, a few stray pieces of debris and plaster fall to the ground before the entire structure, suddenly and completely, collapses in on itself.

The brief video shows the road-facing walls crumbling beneath the weight of the building, breaking in half as the entire right side of the house keels over in a massive cloud of dust and debris.

As the first and second floors come crashing down the entire structure disintegrates and broken bricks and stones are ejected - catapulted outwards by the pressure of the collapsing building.

The building collapse also covered neighbouring houses in clouds of smoke, but none of them seemed to suffer any significant structural damage.