This Article is From May 03, 2016

'I Bit Him,' Says Bengaluru Woman On Kidnapper Caught On Camera

The police said after the incident, the woman did not file a complaint but spoke to a local channel.


  • Woman was kidnapped from outside her accomodation in south Bengaluru.
  • Incident was caught on CCTV; no one came to woman's rescue.
  • Police have arrested one person in the case.
Bengaluru: The man who was caught on camera kidnapping a young woman from outside her home in Bengaluru has been arrested, the police say.

"Yes. We have arrested one person. His name is Akshay. He is the culprit," senior police officer Lokesh Kumar told the Press Trust of India.

CCTV footage showed the 22-year-old woman speaking on her phone when the man grabbed her and took her away from the street outside her home in south Bengaluru.

The brazen kidnapping attempt allegedly took place at around 10 pm on April 23 in the southern part of the tech hub.

The attacker's face was obscured by a scarf and a cap. He simply scooped up the woman and carried her away.

The man allegedly took the woman to a construction site and tried to rape her.

"I started shouting, he tried to close my mouth, then I bit him to rescue myself, reacting to it he hit me, then I fell unconscious due to fear," she told reporters.

When she came to after a few minutes, the man had run away. "My bag and phone was there," the woman said, adding that she believed the man's intention was to rape her.

"I feel this because I had bag, purse and mobile with me, he did not target them. I think his intention was to sexually assault me."

After the man's arrest yesterday, over a week after the incident, the woman said: "Strict action should be taken against him."

Three persons were walking past when the man was taking the woman away but in the footage, they show a spectacular lack of concern at what was happening.