PM Narendra Modi Speech In Jalandhar Ahead of Punjab Assembly Elections: Highlights

PM Narendra Modi Speech In Jalandhar Ahead of Punjab Assembly Elections: Highlights

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Punjab Elections 2017: PM Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Jalandhar.

Jalandhar:  After Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi launched his three-day visit of Punjab by addressing a rally in Majitha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public gathering in Jalandhar ahead of the assembly polls, scheduled for February 4. The Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP alliance has ruled the state for the last 10 years and this time, they will face-off against a debutante Aam Aadmi Party alongwith Congress, their traditional political rival. The BJP suffered a setback in the state after former cricketer-turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu and his wife ended their decade long association with the party and joined the Congress as their candidates and star campaigners. Mr Sidhu was sidelined in the 2014 Union elections from his Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency to accommodate Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who lost. Prime Minister Modi highlighted the work done by the SAD-BJP alliance under the leadership of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal.

Here are the highlights of PM Modi's speech:
  • On one hand, we have preparations for Basant Panchami, and on the other,  preparations are being done for Punjab's future as the state is about to go to elections.
  • This is the land of bravery, courage, one that has given great leaders and visionaries.
  • This is the land of sacrifice: warriors' blood and farmers' sweat.
  • There are many states but there is something special that makes Punjab stand out.
    This is a land of givers.
  • There are people who are putting all their efforts into defaming Punjab.
  • For their selfishness and greed for power and they are going to every extent to ruin Punjab's image.
  • For such people, I appeal to you all to punish them all for speaking about this great land in bad light.
  • Even in its worst phase a few decades ago, no one ever spoke ill of Punjab.
  • But today, it is a shame to see people stoop so low as to speak ill of Punjab only for their personal benefits.
  • You all can see how the Congress is collapsing across the country.
  • They are desperate for power. Their desperation is like a fish without water.
  • Badal sahab has always been true to Punjab. He has always given his best.
  • Punjab would love to see him lead Punjab toward development, and a better future.
  • Friends, the Congress is in real bad shape. They are being opportunistic.
  • They are going from state to state - be it Bengal or Bihar - and now even in UP, when they saw there was a family dispute. They can go to any extent for the power of the chair.
  • When there were tensions between Hindus and Sikhs, when others were playing politics, it was Badal sahab who worked day and night, gave his sweat and blood to unite the Hindus and Sikhs. You will rarely come across a gem like him.
  • I see how actively Badal sahab participates for the benefit of Punjab. He frequently discusses Punjab's development with me.
  • The people of India don't go hungry, thanks to the farmers of Punjab.
  • You can see how farmers have benefited over the last few years. We have ensured that farmers do not suffer and they get their due share of Urea now.
  • The farmers of Punjab need now worry about water anymore. We have decided to route the water from the Indus, which currently flows into Pakistan, who do not have the right over this, to the farmers of Punjab, who rightfully deserve it. Punjab's farmers, India's farmers will get water from India's rivers.
  • Punjab is also the land of the brave. So many of you have served or have family in the armed forces.
  • We used to only get news of martyrdom. For how long will we let others do harm to us. Should we not give them a befitting reply? Make them pay for their wrongdoing. Terrorism will not be tolerated anymore.
  • There was a time when UPA was in power. Pick up the papers from those years and look at the headlines.
  • All you read were stories saying "how much has gone". Read the papers these days.You'll see stories of "how much has come".
  • We are doing all we can to catch and punish the corrupt. We are fighting against the corrupt, for honesty, for transparency.
  • But this battle cannot be won by the government alone. It cannot be won without your support and blessing.
  • There was a time when getting a gas connection was a big task and quite a headache.
  • See how that has completely changed in just a few years.
  • I must also thank all those who gave up their gas subsidy so that it could benefit the poor.

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