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Delhi gang-rape case rocks Parliament

Dec 19, 2012
15:43 (IST)
The Lok Sabha witnessed some drama when V Narayanasamy, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), got up for consideration and passage  of bill on quota. The Samajwadi Party leaders suddenly snatched the papers from him from behind. Congress president Sonia Gandhi tried to take the papers back, but could not do it. The House was adjourned till Thursday.

Dec 19, 2012
13:03 (IST)
Ram Jehmalani speaks in Rajya Sabha on the Delhi gang-rape case:

  • The maximum punishment that can be given is life imprisonment
  • Till the girl dies or any other charges are posed till then you cannot hang him
  • Maximum punishment is life imprisonment
  • It can be changed for the future
  • I am against it
  • They threw this girl out of the bus but in case they would know that if capital punishment is the consequence then these people will kill the girl thinking that one witness will be lessened
  • Life imprisonment is more serious then sentence of death
  • But in case of life imprisonment, you will rot in Indian jail for the rest of your life
Dec 19, 2012
12:32 (IST)
Lok Sabha adjourned till 2 pm after uproar over quota in promotions and incidents of rape.
Dec 19, 2012
12:22 (IST)
Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde speaks in the Rajya Sabha on the Delhi gang-rape incident:

  • There were curtains and the bus was moving normally. That is why did not come to PCR's attention
  • All vehicles with tinted glasses and curtains impounded immediately
  • All off duty buses parked with owner and not drivers
  • All buses in Delhi to keep their lights on inside
  • The Delhi Police will undertake the verification of all drivers, staff of buses
  • Driver's licence with photo will be displayed with all public vehicles alongwith helpline numbers
  • GPS enabled PCR vans to be augmented
Dec 19, 2012
12:15 (IST)
Promotions in quota bill tabled in Lok Sabha amid uproar.
Dec 19, 2012
11:40 (IST)
Lok Sabha has been adjourned till noon following uproar over quota in promotions and other issues.
Dec 19, 2012
11:40 (IST)
Let Sonia Gandhi act, not demand action: BJP's Sushma Swaraj on gang-rape case
Leader of the BJP protested outside Parliament this morning demanding better safety for women in the capital. Yesterday, leaders from different parties took on the government in both Houses of Parliament over the grotesquerie on Sunday night in which a medical student was gang-raped and then beaten with an iron rod in a bus in South Delhi for nearly an hour.
Dec 18, 2012
20:00 (IST)
Lok Sabha passes Banking Bill, clears way for new banking licenses
The Bill was passed after the govt agreed to drop a contentious clause which allows banks to enter commodity futures trading.
Dec 18, 2012
19:16 (IST)
Delhi gang-rape: what Mayawati, Kamal Nath said in Parliament
The horrific rape of a young medical student in a bus in South Delhi on Sunday night was raised by angry parliamentarians today in both houses.
Dec 18, 2012
19:09 (IST)
Delhi gang-rape: Jaya Bachchan breaks down
An emotional Mrs Bachchan asked the government if it had apologized to the victim's family or the country. When asked to conclude her speech, an upset Jaya said, "I will not speak but will protest outside the house."
Dec 18, 2012
19:05 (IST)
Under attack over gang-rape case, Home Minister shares plans to protect women
Amid national anger over the gang-rape of a medical student in Delhi in a moving bus, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde outlined for parliament how the government plans to increase the safety of women in the capital.
Dec 18, 2012
13:00 (IST)
More Angry reactions from MPs in Parliament
Derek O'Brien of Trinamool Congress

  • I stand here as a nervous father of a 17-year old girl
  • Delhi has become the rape capital of India
  • Rape is not a women's issue, it is much beyond
  • It is about men who stop behaving like human beings and started behaving like animals
  • This is even worse than animals


Shivanand Tiwari: Delhi gangrape is a failure of Delhi police
He mentions item numbers in films and popular culture - angry protests from women MPs

Jaya Bachchan: Samajwadi Party MP
  • We live in such a country where women are worshipped
  • But that faith is disrupted everyday because in some city of India, especially in the capital there are atrocities against women
  • The way we are discussing this topic today it should have been done earlier

An Upset Jaya Bachchan says " I will not speak and protest outside the house. This is not a political issue . Only when it comes to women's (issues) we won't have time"
When Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien  asks her to conclude - he requests her to give a notice for separate discussion. "Jayaji you are my sister, you will get enough time but not now," says PJ Kurien Jaya Bachchan keeps standing as Shivanand Tiwari Speaks

  • We need to improve our laws and make them stricter, so that it serves as a deterrent
  • Delhi is our capital, these kind of shameful incidents are happening everyday.
  • Not enough to just arrest them, but action should be so strict that no one should dare to act in such a manner.

Congress' Renuka Choudhary
  • Police are to take such steps that fear is there...
  • How is it that these individuals think that they'll get away with it?

Dec 18, 2012
12:52 (IST)
The horrific rape of a young medical student in a bus in South Delhi on Sunday night was raised by angry parliamentarians today in both houses.

Here are all the reactions in Parliament:

Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha
What is the government doing to curb rape cases in the capital? The rapists should be hanged, we need tougher laws to stop rapes.

Girija Vyas, Congress

There should be security all around. Fast track is very much needed. I want to say that everybody should together... There is a need of self-defence programme. Please wake up and save our girls.

Hamid Ansari, Rajya Sabha Chairman
The government will make a statement on the case later today.

Meira Kumar, Speaker of Lok Sabha

The gang-rape case in Delhi is chilling. The government must take tough steps - this is what the House wants.

Kamal Nath, Parliamentary Affairs Minister
Tough and strict steps will be taken.
Dec 18, 2012
11:55 (IST)
Delhi's gang-rape in bus raised in Parliament
The horrific rape of a young medical student in a bus in South Delhi was raised by angry parliamentarians today in both houses. The government will make a statement on the case later today, Rajya Sabha chairman Hamid Ansari said.
Dec 18, 2012
11:10 (IST)
News Update
Rajya Sabha adjourned after uproar over Delhi gang-rape
Dec 17, 2012
21:54 (IST)
Quotas in promotions: Will it unite or divide society?
The bill for quota in promotions in government jobs for Dalits and tribals has been passed in the Rajya Sabha. Mulayam Singh Yadav's Samajwadi Party (SP) is opposing the bill, saying it will set a bad precedent even as other parties have supported the legislation. We debate whether this landmark legislation will unite or further divide India along caste lines.
Dec 17, 2012
19:51 (IST)
The Constitution (117th) Amendment Bill 2012 passed in the Upper House
The Rajya Sabha adjourned till 11:00 am tomorrow
Dec 17, 2012
19:23 (IST)
The House is voting on clauses of the bill to which amendments were moved...
Dec 17, 2012
19:22 (IST)
News Update

Subject to correction - Ayes 206 and Noes 10

Dec 17, 2012
19:06 (IST)
Samajwadi Party voted against the quota bill in Rajya Sabha
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