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Mamata Banerjee's Facebook campaign for Dr APJ Abdul Kalam: Top 5 posts

New Delhi:  West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is campaigning furiously on Facebook for a new term for Dr APJ Kalam for President of India. Ms Banerjee has rejected Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who is the candidate of the UPA, the coalition that she participates in with considerable friction. On Saturday, Ms Banerjee launched a Facebook page in support of Dr Kalam - he has yet to decide whether he will run against Mr Mukherjee.
Here are five big quotes from Ms Banerjee's Facebook page:
  1. It is most unfortunate that politics in our great nation has become murky and values, public interest have been compromised through the use of money, power and scams.
  2. I appeal to all Indian citizens and of course, the young generation of India, to raise their voices and be counted to fight against corruption, back-room deal making, Machiavellian manipulations and machinations.
  3. I am a humble, transparent, common person like the vast majority of you. I gave voice to what millions of Indians want to see in a President.
  4. He (Dr APJ Abdul Kalam) is a seeker of truth, a fount of knowledge and an impartial voice of reason and sanity, who is above narrow politics. He is the kind of man all our citizens aspire to make President.
  5. I request all my fellow citizens to petition their public representatives to stand up, support and vote for Dr Kalam. Let your voice be heard. I will bow to the will of the people.

Mamata gets brickbats and bouquets on her Facebook debut

Ms Banerjee has, however, received both kudos and criticism from users for her initiative on the social networking site.

"I can't understand one thing we are being asked to vote for Kalam on Facebook when according to the Constitution, our votes don't get counted for presidential polls. It is nothing but making a circus out of politics," posted Sayantan Chakraborty on Ms Banerjee's page.

Some also questioned her opposition to Pranab Mukherjee's candidature. "Mamata di, Pranab da will be the first Bengali President - I think all Bengalis irrespective of political parties should support him. Can you state in Facebook, why are you against him?" posted Sanjoy Sen.

The page already has 17,212 likes and her two posts have already received more than 6,000 comments and are still counting.

Most of the comments lauded Ms Banerjee for her guts to take on the Congress and oppose Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee for the post of President.

"My full support to APJ Abdul Kalam who is a most successful President of India. Mamata didi, my full support to you in this fight," posted Kaushik Saha.

"We are walking in that way which way u r showing...with u always," posted Simran Roy.

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