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Delhi police explains modus operandi after IPL spot-fixing arrests

New Delhi:  The Delhi police team today explained in detail, with match footage, to show how they cracked the modus-operandi behind spot-fixing in the current IPL season. Three Rajasthan Royals players, Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan have been arrested from Mumbai today.
Here is what the Delhi Police said:
  1. We have been tracking this case since April and since then, only these three players came under our radar.
  2. Bookies gave the players directions like they have to indicate they are ready to give away those many runs. These indications were in different forms - take out locket from shirt, take out shirts and vests that you're wearing, put towel into trousers etc etc.
  3. First instance came to light during match held in Jaipur between Pune Warriors India and Rajasthan Royals on May 5. Ajit Chandila gave away 14 runs in his second spell. Chandila forgot to give the pre-decided sign, hence bookies couldn't bet. He had to return the money given to him.
  4. Second match in which spot fixing took place was on May 9, in Mohali. It was between the Rajasthan Royals vs KXIP.  Sreesanth was to give the signal by putting a towel in his trousers. We have records of calls where it was decided that Sreesanth would give 14 or more runs in the second over of his spell.
  5. Third match, was the match held last night (May 15), Rajasthan Royal vs Mumbai Indians. Ankeet was asked to give 14 or more runs in the second over of his spell and promised Rs 60 lakh for that.
  6. We had teams at the venues as players could give signals during ad breaks as well.
  7. We don't know who started the whole thing but from experience we can say that bookies spot talented and vulnerable people who will compromise.
  8. We were the ones who informed the IPL administration about the fixing. We did not get any information from the IPL or the BCCI.
  9. Mastermind of this operation is sitting abroad.  
  10. Batsmen of opponent teams ruled out as no evidence found against them.

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