Alcohol, sex rampant at Nithyananda's ashram, says Bangalore techie

Alcohol, sex rampant at Nithyananda's ashram, says Bangalore techie
Bangalore:  "Alcohol use and sex were rampant at Swami Nithyananda's Dhyanapeetha ashram in Bidadi," a victim who was allegedly raped has deposed before the CID.

The victim, who was working as a techie before joining the Ashram as one of his disciples, revealed how she was lured and exploited by the swami. She also added that the swami convinced her that having sex with him was a "great service to humanity".

The victim, whose identity has been kept confidential, stayed in the ashram between August 2006- December 2006. She told officials that Nithyananda allegedly asked her to bring alcohol to the ashram one day. She was surprised, and questioned Nithyananda, who advised her to shed her ego, and not to question him, as he was her 'master'.

According to her statement to CID, "No woman from a respected family woman would go to a liquour store. But I subjected myself to such indignity, and went to a liquor shop near the ashram on the Mysore-Bangalore highway. "

"He asked me to bring it to his quarters, and give him company. Since I was not used to drinking such strong alcohol, my body reacted quite badly, and I passed out. I have no idea what happened to me until Nithyananda woke me up a few hours later. I found myself lying naked in his bed," she has alleged.

"He asked me to get dressed and leave. I must mention here, that according to rules created by Nithyananda himself, alcohol was strictly banned in the ashram premises," she added. He reminded her about this rule and cautioned her to be extra careful in keeping the liquor incident very confidential, she detailed in her statement.

She visited the Las Vegas Ashram in May 2006, where he had taken his team, including her to a strip club in Las Vegas. The swami changed shed his saffron clothing, and changed into a T-shirt and jeans. He explained to his followers that he was becoming too popular, and it was necessary for him to travel incognito.

After their return, he called her to his room and asked her to perform a strip tease for him. Later, he asked her to buy "sexy clothes, condoms, make-up and red lipstick," she says in her statement.

Nithyananda used condoms during sex with her. He instructed her a couple of times to buy condoms, keep them with her very carefully, and hand them over to him later. "After sex, he would carefully collect the used condom and keep it with himself, saying it had to be disposed in a water body, and so he would do it himself while travelling," she detailed.

The investigating officers have submitted her deposition before the Ramnagar district court.

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