This Article is From Oct 04, 2022

Watch: Minecraft YouTuber Dream Reveals His Face To Followers

Prior to the announcement, he built up the occasion by face timing many of his gaming pals for the first time. His real name is Clay.

Watch: Minecraft YouTuber Dream Reveals His Face To Followers

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has unveiled his face after years of smiley anonymity.

After many years of posting anonymously, Minecraft YouTuber Dream revealed his identity because there had been "a little bit too much" conjecture about him. Dream, a 23-year-old content creator with more than 30 million subscribers, has only ever made one public appearance while using a smooth, egg-colored cheerful face mask.

For years, Dream has been a well-known name among gamers, but they were unaware of his appearance. The primary focus of "Dream" is the video game Minecraft, and on October 2, he made his face visible via a YouTube live stream.

According to Forbes, 1.2 million viewers tuned in live, and 14 hours later, the video had more than 18 million views. Dream revealing his face was, to put it mildly, a big deal for his community and Minecraft as a whole. The dream has 5.6 million Twitter followers, 3.1 million Instagram followers, and 30.4 million YouTube subscribers. For context, Fortnite's Ninja has 23.8 million. Dr Disrespect has 4.1 million. Taylor Swift has 47.5 million. The dream is a big deal.

The BBC said in a report that Minecraft is the world's bestselling video game and Dream's most popular videos have tens of millions of views, with one having been watched more than 115 million times. "Hi, my name is Clay, otherwise known as Dream," he said in a five-minute video viewed more than 12 million times.

"Maybe you've heard of me, maybe not. Maybe you clicked on this video out of pure curiosity and you don't care who I am. But now you've seen my face, " he said while first revealing his face.

He continued by saying that he has come under pressure from those who are curious about his appearance. "People have been trying to leak my face, trying to find out what I look like. There's too many, it's a little bit too much," he said.