UK Woman's Face Brutally Mauled By Friend's Pet Dog In Horrific Attack

A woman named Kelly Allen was attacked by her friend's dachshund which tore off a part of her cheek and ate it.

UK Woman's Face Brutally Mauled By Friend's Pet Dog In Horrific Attack

The woman required surgery and is now left with a scar.

Swansea resident Kelly Allen, 45, is recovering from a severe dog attack that left her with a facial scar and significant emotional trauma. The incident occurred in March while I was visiting a friend's house, according to The Metro.

According to Ms Allen, the dachshund, initially friendly, attacked her suddenly, latching onto her cheek and tearing off a chunk of flesh. The dog then proceeded to eat the piece of flesh before releasing its grip. Ms Allen also sustained a bite wound on her arm during the struggle.

She received medical attention at Morriston Hospital in Swansea, undergoing a five-and-a-half-hour surgery involving a skin graft from her neck to repair the facial wound. The dog was reportedly removed from the property by police and later euthanized.

"I can't get out of bed, and I've been crying in my sleep because I feel his teeth in me. I'm left with a hideous scar on my face. It's just ruined my life, because it will never be the same now," she told The Metro.

Ms Allen's ordeal has had a lasting impact. She struggles with post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and social interaction due to the facial scarring. This has also impacted her ability to return to her job at a contact centre.

"I now have to buy camouflage make-up for people who have facial disfigurements-that's something I never thought I would have to do. I'm a single mother, and I can't afford my electric and gas for most weeks-it just seems so unfair," she said.

Ms Allen is currently pursuing legal action to seek compensation for her injuries and lost income. The process is expected to take several years. A GoFundMe campaign launched by her sister has raised over 1,150 pounds to help cover her living expenses during this challenging time.