UK Woman Uses Tracker App To Recover Stolen Rs 3 Million Car Amid Police Inaction

Alexandra Vlad used GPS tracking technology to recover her stolen Lexus UX, shedding light on its potential.

UK Woman Uses Tracker App To Recover Stolen Rs 3 Million Car Amid Police Inaction

The woman claims police told her to go and pick up her stolen car herself.

A woman in London claims she located her stolen car using a tracking app, only to be told by police to retrieve it herself while they simply met her at the scene, according to The Metro.

Alexandra Vlad, 32, discovered her 30,000-pound (Rs 3140755) Lexus UX missing from her driveway on February 6th. Utilizing a tracking app, she pinpointed the vehicle's location six miles away in Hackney.

Upon contacting the authorities, Ms Vlad relayed the information, expecting them to recover the car. However, her account details a surprising response: officers reportedly instructed her to retrieve the vehicle herself, stating they would only meet her on-site, according to the news portal.

Left feeling "unsafe" and "anxious," Ms Vlad opted to recover her car to avoid further delays. However, her experience raises questions about the police's response to vehicle theft, particularly when assisted by technology.

'I had no idea what I'd find inside. Drugs? A dead body?' she said.

When she arrived, she found the car with no belongings inside, no petrol left, and the lights on the dashboard flashing. It also looked as if the thieves had tried to remove the tracking device.

Ms Vlad, who is originally from Romania, said she was speaking out because she's unhappy with the way a public body has treated her.

She explained: 'I was baffled. You pay taxes to pay for police-just to leave it to us to sort out. What are we even paying for?'

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: 'On Tuesday, February 6, we received a report that a car had been stolen from outside a house in E13.

'The owner later contacted us to say she had traced the car and collected it. Enquiries continue.'