To Regularise Posh Home, Imran Khan Told To Pay Fine By Pak Top Court

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan sought the Supreme Court's attention towards large-scale encroachment at Bani Gala in Islamabad

To Regularise Posh Home, Imran Khan Told To Pay Fine By Pak Top Court

Imran Khan must pay to regularise his private home in Islamabad, the Pakistan Supreme Court said


Pakistan's Supreme Court has told Prime Minister Imran Khan to pay a penalty if he wanted to get his posh Bani Gala property in Islamabad regularised. A three-member bench of the Pakistan Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Saqib Nisar on Monday heard a case over encroachment at Bani Gala, a residential area on the eastern bank of Rawal Lake.

The prime minister had sought the court's attention towards large-scale encroachment and unchecked construction at Bani Gala, including massive tree-felling and pollution in and around Rawal Lake.

The top court said it was the job of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led government to regularise all properties located in Bani Gala area, including Mr Khan's home, Dawn newspaper reported.

Recalling that it was Mr Khan himself who approached the country's top court with an application on illegal constructions at Bani Gala, Chief Justice Nisar said the prime minister would have to start the process of regularisation by paying the fine.

"Imran Khan should submit fees towards regularisation before anyone else," Chief Justice Nisar said.

During the hearing, the additional attorney general showed a report by the Survey of Pakistan on illegal constructions at Bani Gala. The top judge said now that a new government is in power, it should look towards resolving these issues.

"Those responsible for illegal constructions need to be fined," the top judge said.

Turning to Mr Khan's counsel Babar Awan, the Chief Justice asked, "You are part of the government, tell us what measures are being taken to regularise properties?"

In response, Mr Awan said, "The cabinet is taking up this matter."

The next hearing is on October 12.

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