This Article is From Jul 12, 2014

Three Members of Indian-American Family killed in Car Crash

Houston: Three members of an Indian-American family, including two children, have been killed in the United States state of Texas when their car was hit by a pickup truck driven by a woman, who police say was drunk at the time of accident. The accident happened near Dudley Road just outside Kilgore City.

The family -- husband, wife and their two children -- were travelling through the area in a minivan when they spotted a truck coming towards then from the wrong direction.

The father of the children tried to take evasive action, but ended up striking the truck. Two children, 6-year-old Ryera Patel and 12-year-old Trish Patel, were killed on the spot, the News-journal reported.

The children's mother, Heema Patel, 43, died yesterday at a local hospital. 42-year-old Ketanbahai Patel, the father of the children, suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Shelby Taylor, 22, a Henderson resident and the driver of the truck involved in Thursday's crash, was later arrested and charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter.

Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Jean Dark said Taylor was travelling in the wrong direction when her pickup collided with the van.