Thieves stole an ATM from the bowling alley's lobby

Vancouver: Brazen burglars smashed a minivan into a bowling alley in Vancouver and stole an ATM early Monday.

A small, dark-colored minivan drove through the glass doors of Allen's Crosley Lanes on East Evergreen Boulevard navigated around the front desk and slammed into the alley's automatic cash machine at about 3 a.m.

The burglars had to back into the ATM twice to free it from secured bolts.

Police have surveillance video of the entire incident. The footage shows one suspect hopping out of the van and grabbing the ATM, the driver then gets out to help and the pair hoist the ATM into the vehicle and drive away.

The passenger in the van wore a camouflage outfit while the driver wore a dark-coloured long sleeved sweater.

Police also picked up a rear windshield wiper that would help determine the make and model of the minivan used.

It was described as a newer, purple vehicle with gray panelling that would now have front and rear end damage.

The owner of the alley Don Allen said damage to the bowling alley was "in thousands" and there was an unknown amount of cash in the ATM.

However that did not deter him from opening the bowling alley later on Monday.

The smashed glass doors were replaced, temporarily, by plywood, glass shards were cleaned up and a couple bowlers hurled balls down lanes of the alley that has been functioning for the last 25 years.