This Article is From Apr 13, 2022

Teen Arrested In US Over Killing Of Man She Accused Of "Standing Too Close" In Dunkin' Donuts

The teenager got into a dispute with the immigrant at a Dunkin' Donuts store in March. She was arrested on Monday.

Teen Arrested In US Over Killing Of Man She Accused Of 'Standing Too Close' In Dunkin' Donuts

The man from Jamaica was killed after an argument at Dunkin' Donuts outlet in New York.

A teenager has been arrested in New York for fatally shooting a Jamaican immigrant following a dispute inside a Dunkin' Donuts outlet. The incident took place in March and 18-year-old Santiana Rodriguez was arrested on Monday, The Independent reported.

According to the police in Bronx, Ms Rodriguez got into argument with 24-year-old Stephen Stuart inside the Dunkin' on East Gun Hill Road in Williamsbridge, accusing him of standing too close and “disrespecting her”, according to WNBC. Ms Rodriguez then reportedly called her boyfriend for help.

Both Ms Rodriguez and Mr Stuart left the Dunkin' Donuts outlet without any incident, but according to the police, she tracked down the man with the help of her boyfriend, WNBC further reported. Soon afterwards, the boyfriend shot Mr Stuart, the report further said quoting the police.

While Ms Rodriguez has been arrested, her boyfriend is still at large, according to The Independent.

The police released a video footage from a CCTV camera installed near the Dunkin' Donuts store which shows Ms Rodriguez leaving the store after picking up her order. She was seen wearing a black hooded sweater, black pants and white sneakers.

The incident was widely reported by various news outlets in the US in March. CBS News carried a story which said that Mr Stuart moved to the Bronx just three months before the shooting.

CBS News also spoke to his aunt after the incident who said: "I'm surprised someone would just hurt him like that over nothing."

He was reportedly working at a restaurant and sending money home to his mother and two sisters.

The police had earlier spoken about a video taken inside the Dunkin' Donuts store on the day of the shooting, which it said showed the woman and the victim had no physical contact.