Prison Guards In UK Hospitalised After Inmates Spike Staff Curry With Dangerous Drug

Inmates at HMP Swaleside in Kent allegedly spiked a staff curry with the synthetic drug Spice, hospitalizing several guards.

Prison Guards In UK Hospitalised After Inmates Spike Staff Curry With Dangerous Drug

HMP Swaleside is a high-security prison on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

A high-security prison in Kent witnessed a concerning incident after inmates allegedly spiked a staff curry with a dangerous synthetic drug. The incident, described as 'mass poisoning' by the Criminal Justice Workers Union (CJWU), resulted in several prison guards requiring hospitalisation, according to The Metro.

HMP Swaleside, known for housing dangerous criminals, including those serving life sentences, is now under investigation after prisoners working in the staff canteen are suspected of spiking a'staff special curry' with Spice, a synthetic cannabinoid. Spice can cause severe side effects like anxiety, paranoia, and seizures.

The incident affected up to 25 prison staff members, raising concerns about security lapses within the high-security facility. While prisoners are allowed to work in canteens after risk assessments, the CJWU highlighted that these inmates are supposed to be low-risk.

A previous inspection by His Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons had already flagged the prison for high violence levels and readily available drugs. The incident highlights the potential security risks within high-security prisons and is sure to spark discussions about stricter protocols for inmate work programmes.

"Prisoners preparing food in the staff canteen spiked a "staff special curry" with what is believed to be an NPS. 25 staff were affected and were witnessed under the influence of NPS," Andy Hamlin, an official for the CJWU, told The Metro.

"Among those affected, there were symptoms, including breathing difficulties and raised heart rates."

Nine ambulances responded to the incident last Thursday, hospitalising five prison officers who were later discharged. The CJWU has called for a prison service investigation into the matter.