Police In US Look For Man Stealing One Shoe From Women, They Say It's "Really Creepy"

One of the victims, who want to remain anonymous, described the incident as "really creepy".

Police In US Look For Man Stealing One Shoe From Women, They Say It's 'Really Creepy'

The investigation is still ongoing. (Pixabay/Representative photo)

The US Police are investigating a string of bizarre larcenies that took place in New York dating back to late January. According to Newsweek, since the start of this year, at least three women have had to make their way home with only one show. The cops said that one suspect is targetting people in both Brooklyn and Queens, stealing shoes directly off of their feet. 

The New York Police Department is seeking help in identifying a man who is wanted for allegedly taking a single shoe from female victims in three separate incidents. The agency informed that the first incident took place in January in Brooklyn. The man reportedly followed a woman into a building and took off her right shoe. 

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In February, the man then allegedly took a sneaker from another woman in a Brooklyn subway station. Local media outlet PIX11 News reported that the man removed a 47-year-old woman's left sneaker during the bizarre incident. 

Most recently, the cops said that the suspect took the left shoe of a woman who was inside her home in Queens. On May 24, the same man reportedly approached a 24-year-old and stole her left shoe. 

The victim said that the man came up from behind, lifted up her leg and took off the shoe. The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, described the incident as "really creepy". 

"I know people have foot fetishes, but to go that far to steal shoes off people's feet ... I think something is wrong with him," the victim told PIX11 News.

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As of now, there have been no arrests and the investigation is ongoing. The police department has urged anyone with information in regard to the incident to call the police's hotline number or submit tips at the Crime Stoppers website or on Twitter.