This Article is From Jul 19, 2022

On Camera, Wildfire Surrounds Passenger Train In Spain Amid Europe's Heatwave

The train was going from Madrid to Ferrol when it temporarily stopped due to the flame near the road.

Over 350 people have died in Spain due to heatwave.

Passengers on board a train in Spain found themselves surrounded by flames on Monday as a wildfire tore through vegetation near the track in the north-western province of Zamora. 

The train was going from Madrid to Ferrol when it temporarily stopped due to the flame near the road. A video of the tense moment is now doing rounds on social media, which showed passengers in the carriage becoming increasingly alarmed as they looked out of the windows. 

The clip recorded the view from the right-hand side of the train, which showed a line of orange flames outside. The video then panned out to the left side, which also showed similar fiery scenes. 

Taking to Twitter, the train company, Renfe, shared a series of warnings over the fire and confirmed that the rail services between Otero de Bodas and Zamora were suspended.

“The circulation of all trains is suspended until further notice. Renfe has organized an alternative road transport service between the Zamora and Sanabria AV stations for train passengers who had already departed from their stations of origin,” Renfe's tweet read when translated to English. 

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"At all times, the actions undertaken by Renfe have been aimed at maintaining the security of the service and guaranteeing the integrity of passengers,” the train company added. 

Meanwhile, this comes amid a time when Europe is experiencing a heatwave. As per Newsweek, a fire in Zamora, in northwest Spain, has claimed two lives. Local officials have also informed that around 20 wildfires are still alight, ranging from the southwest to the northwest, destroying nearly 4,500 hectares. 

Moreover, the outlet reported that the death toll in Spain has reached at least 368 people owning to the heatwave.