Man overcomes drug addiction, reclaims $10 million fortune

Man overcomes drug addiction, reclaims $10 million fortune
London: A 56-year-old Briton, having been deprived of a fortune worth 10 million pounds (approximately Rs 75 crore) in inheritance, has determinedly beaten drug addiction to reclaim his father's trust and dukedom.

Troubled toff Jamie Blandford, who has had three spells in prison, was cut off from the rest of his family by his father, the 11th Duke of Marlborough, in 1994, The Sun reported.

In the first case of its kind for more than a century, the Duke, now 86, took legal action to prevent his heroin junkie son from inheriting his birth right - Blenheim Palace and its 11,500-acre Oxfordshire estate.

After being clean for five years, now married Blandford has been told that he would become the 12th Duke.

"Everybody has their good times and bad times but, you know, I have a very good relationship with my father," said Blandford.