This Article is From Feb 21, 2023

Man In Ireland Killed After Being Attacked By "Aggressive" Rooster

Jasper Kraus died in April last year, but the result of the inquest were released last week.

Man In Ireland Killed After Being Attacked By 'Aggressive' Rooster

The rooster had a history of attacking people, the inquiry found.

A man in Ireland was killed by an "aggressive" rooster living on his property, according to a report in Fox News. An inquest to find out the cause of Jasper Kraus' death found out that he was allegedly attacked by a Brahma chicken that was moved to his property in Ballinasloe after it attacked a child. The man died in April last year, but the results of the inquest were presented before a court this week, the outlet further reported.

Garda Eoin Browne, who lives in the same area, told the judicial inquiry he arrived at Mr Kraus' house after learning about the sudden death and saw CPR attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

He added that Mr Kraus was on the ground in the kitchen in a pool of blood, with a wound on back of one of his legs, Fox News further reported.

The neighbour also said that there was a trail of blood from the house to a chicken coop outside.

The Irish Examiner quoted Mr Kraus' tenant Corey O'Keeffe as saying that he heard the man screaming during the attack and saw blood spurting from his leg.

His body was taken to the mortuary at Roscommon Hospital and later to University College Hospital for a post-mortem, the outlet further said.

Mr Kraus' daughter Virginia Guinan, who the investigators spoke to, said she took him to shopping that day and later dropped him back at around 12 noon.

The woman further said that her father was fast asleep when she left the house and she didn't want to wake him up because his dog had died recently and he was upset, according to the Examiner.

Mr Guinan said her father was in remission from cancer and previously had renal failure.

The woman was later told by Corey O'Keeffe about what had happened at the house. When she reached there, Ms Guinan saw blood all over the floor and paramedics performing CPR on her father.