"Little Terrifying": Ice Chunk Seemingly Falls From Plane And Crashes Through US Home

The massive chunk of ice left a huge hole several feet wide in the attic roof.

'Little Terrifying': Ice Chunk Seemingly Falls From Plane And Crashes Through US Home

No one was hurt in the incident. (Representative pic)

A family in the United States was nearly crushed when a massive chunk of ice seemingly fell off a plane and crashed through the roof of their home on Wednesday. According to the New York Post, the incident took place in New Jersey. The Gomez family was seated at their backyard table when the huge block of ice came crashing through the roof of the home. "Out of nowhere, you just hear a hollow sound coming down, and honestly, we didn't think anything of it, and then you just hear a big DOOOOSH!" Sabrina Gomez said, per the outlet.

The family said that the massive chunk of ice left quite a noticeable damage. It left a huge hole several feet wide in the attic roof. "It was big stones... I guess it was a big square. When it came down, it smashed everything," Paul Gomez said. 

According to the family, the house sits directly underneath several flight paths. "When we look up, it's basically like a plane flying by," said Sabrina Gomez. 

Following the incident, the family rushed to the front of their house, where they took a video of pieces of ice spread out all over the driveway. "Honestly, it was a little terrifying, but thank God it didn't hit anybody, and it hit the floor. It hit the roof, thank God," Sabrina Gomez shared.

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Nobody was harmed when the ice came hurtling down onto their home. The Post reported that the family has filed a claim with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to investigate the ice that they believe fell from a plane passing overhead. 

Meanwhile, this chilling incident comes weeks after a chuck of ice fell from an airplane in Utah and killed a family's pet goat. The incident took place on May 6. Cassidy Lewis was at her home when she heard a loud bang that shook the entire house. When she went outside, she saw her pet animals freaking out. She said, "Roosters were freaking out, the horses were going crazy." The woman saw a sizable hole in the shed's ceiling where she was keeping her goats. Upon further checks, she found an injured goat which was bleeding heavily. Further, there were bits of ice beneath the hole in the ground.