This Article is From Jun 06, 2023

Killer Bees Attack 81-Year-Old US Man For 3 Hours, Doctors Remove Hundreds Of Stingers

Carlos Amos was mowing his lawn when the bee attack took place on May 26.

Killer Bees Attack 81-Year-Old US Man For 3 Hours, Doctors Remove Hundreds Of Stingers

Carlos Amos' family said a good samaritan took him to hospital.

An 81-year-old man in Oklahoma in the United States survived a frightening bee attack outside his home that last for three hours. Carlos Amos was mowing the lawn at his home on May 26 when he spotted a few bees hanging around outside, according to The Washington Post. Mr Amos headed to the porch to grab a bottle of insect repellent. Before he could use it, the cluster of bees grew bigger and they were "on top of me", he told the outlet.

Mr Amos said he realised he needed to escape the insects "because they were really coming down on me". He started to run but tripped and fell.

He heard a "snap" sound and saw blood coming through his pants and knew he'd broken something.

On the ground, the attack got worse. The bees continued their assault, covering his skin, crawling into his ears, up his nostrils and around his eyes, said the Post report.

Due to the excruciating pain, he couldn't move. He tried calling emergency number 911 on his phone but he could barely see and ended up the wrong combination so many times he'd have to wait at least an hour until he could try again.

The elderly man didn't know about the feature that would let him call 911 without typing the passcode.

"I hit some of them with my hands and you just can't kill 'em fast enough," he said during an interview with Fox-affiliate KFOR.

Mr Amos was on the ground for three hours as the attack continued, as per a GoFundMe page set up by his daughter Heather Garvey to cover his hospital expenses.

His family said on the page that a good samaritan found Mr Amos and called 911. The hospital removed more than 200 stingers and the process is still on.

Mr Amos's family said it appears that Africanised bees, also called killer bees - which look like normal honey bees but are far more aggressive - were what attacked him.