This Article is From Jan 04, 2015

Islamic State Releases 7th Video of British Journalist John Cantlie

In this video grab, British journalist and Islamic State captive John Cantlie is seen describing life in Mosul city.

The Islamic State (IS) has released the seventh video of British journalist John Cantlie who was taken hostage along with American journalist James Foley in November 2012.

In the latest video 'From Inside Mosul', Cantlie is seen 'reporting' from the group's stronghold Mosul in Iraq describing 'normalcy' in the city. He is seen driving through Mosul in a car, walking down crowded streets, shopping in a local souk, visiting a children's ward and riding a police motorcycle.

'From Inside Mosul' is the second video out of the seven released in which John Cantlie is out in a city. The five other videos have been in dark rooms. In the last video he 'reported' from Kobane, a city that has been under siege for months with Syrian and Iraqi kurds holding off the IS attacks. The US-led coalition has also conducted nearly 500 airstrikes to help in the defence of Kobane. Mosul, though remains in the firm grip of the self-styled caliphate since its capture in June 2014.

Cantlie describes Mosul as 'top of the world' and life as being 'business as usual after years of oppression.' Sunni Muslims, he says, "can walk the streets without fear of Shia oppression". In a local 'souk' or market he claims, "it's so normal, crazy and busy. This is not a city living under fear".

(John Cantile is seen riding a police motorcycle)

Cantlie is also heard saying, "Here! Here! Over here! You've come to rescue me again? Do something! Useless! Absolutely useless!", to what seems to be a western drone or aircraft in the sky. In a bid to show healthcare has not been hit, he is shown with babies in a hospital ward. He claims they are being treated for trauma after western bombs fell near their homes.

The video shows Cantlie getting out of a police car and riding a police motorcycle with what seems to be a policeman in the IS group's trademark black clothing. In fact, he claims the police are 'redundant' because there is "very little crime being committed".

The video ends with Cantlie standing in what he says is a media centre with his last video in Kobane playing in a big screen behind him. He finishes by saying, "from Kobane to Mosul--shows how much territory the IS is holding".

The latest video posted on YouTube has been repeatedly taken down--but the IS group has posted it on various jihadi websites and other social media platforms as well.