This Article is From Sep 28, 2022

In Pictures: Ronaldo To Beyonce - Highest Paid Celebrities On Instagram

Have you ever wondered what famous people on Instagram charge for sponsored posts? Find out by scrolling down.

In Pictures: Ronaldo To Beyonce - Highest Paid Celebrities On Instagram

Celebrities demand incredible figures for a sponsored post.

Nowadays, celebrities use Instagram more frequently than other social media platforms. For them, Instagram has emerged as their top choice when it comes to sharing their lives, discovering new content, demonstrating their creativity, attracting people, showcasing their businesses, and a variety of other goals. When considering these factors for its widespread usage, Instagram comes out on top.

Celebrities who are successful are experts at using Instagram to strengthen their brands and maintain their names in the public eye. Celebrities are also making money through it. And because of this, many of the highest-paid celebrities on Instagram in 2022 will make millions of dollars per post.

Hopper HQ, a UK-based Instagram planning and scheduling platform, has released a list of celebrities that earn the most money out of all Instagram users. Numerous well-known sports stars and movie stars are featured on this list.


1:Cristiano Ronaldo, a well-known athlete, is at the top of this list. Ronaldo has millions of fans. On Instagram, he receives $23,97,000 for each sponsored post.
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2: The highest-paid female star on the list, Kylie Jenner, is in second place. Kylie has over 365 million followers on the social networking site, making her the most popular female user. She makes $1,835,000 per post.


3: Messi, a soccer legend, is currently in third place. On Instagram, he has 362 million followers. He receives $1,777,000 for sponsored posts.
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4: Selena Gomez, an American singer, songwriter, and actor, has 348 million Instagram followers. She receives $17,35,000 for every sponsored Instagram post.


5: Dwayne Johnson dropped three spots from second in 2021 to fifth in 2022 after signing for Black Adam (2022) in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). His income per sponsored post on Instagram is $17,13,000.


6: Kim Kardashian, who has been making headlines lately for her appearances for Balenciaga, is currently in sixth place. She bills $1,689,000 for each paid posting.
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7: Ariana Grande, a pop diva, is the seventh most well-liked celebrity. On Instagram, she has 332 million followers. Her Instagram revenue per sponsored post is $1,687,000.


8: Beyonce, the Pop icon, is one of the world's most famous people. She charges $1,393,000 for each post on Instagram.


9: Khloe Kardashian is in 9th position, and she earns an average of $13,20,000 per sponsored post on Instagram.


10: Kendall Jenner, an American socialite, media personality, and model, is in the 10th position. Her income per sponsored post is $12,90,000.


The highest-paid Asian on the list is Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, who is now in position 14 on the list. Each sponsored post brings in $1,088,000 for Kohli. 
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On the Instagram Rich List 2022, Priyanka Chopra is ranked number 27 and earns almost $423,000 for each promotional post she makes on the photo-blogging app. 
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