This Article is From Aug 15, 2021

In Video With Daughters, Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai Appeals To Taliban

Hamid Karzai, who served as Afghanistan president from 2001 to 2014, asked the people to stay in their homes and remain calm.

Former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai was seen in the video with his daughters.

Former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai has asked both government forces and the Taliban to protect the people as the terrorists, set to take over power in the country, entered the national capital Kabul.

"I am here in Kabul with my girls and I ask the Taliban to provide security and safety for the people," he said in a video message in which his three daughters are seen.

Mr Karzai, who served as president from 2001 to 2014, asked the people to stay in their homes and remain calm. He added that he and other political leaders will continue their efforts to solve the issues peacefully.

Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani has left the country with his core team, TOLO News reported on Sunday as Taliban terrorists entered capital Kabul. A senior interior ministry official told Reuters the Taliban rebels were coming "from all sides" into the capital but gave no further details. There were no reports of fighting.

After US-led forces withdrew the bulk of their remaining troops in the last month, the Taliban campaign accelerated as the Afghan military's defences appeared to collapse.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement that the group was in talks with the government for a peaceful surrender of Kabul.

"Taliban fighters are to be on standby on all entrances of Kabul until a peaceful and satisfactory transfer of power is agreed," the statement said. The entry into the capital caps a lightning advance by Taliban who were ousted from Kabul 20 years ago by the United States after the September 11 attacks

US officials said diplomats were being ferried by helicopters to the airport from its embassy in the fortified Wazir Akbar Khan district. More American troops were being sent to help in the evacuations after the Taliban's surge brought it to Kabul in a matter of days.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan vice-president Amrullah Saleh tweeted that he won't "bow to Talib terrorists". "I will never, ever & under no circumstances bow to d Talib terrorists. I will never betray d soul & legacy of my hero Ahmad Shah Masoud, the commander, the legend & the guide. I won't disappoint millions who listened to me. I will never be under one ceiling with Taliban. NEVER," he tweeted.