This Article is From May 10, 2012

Fifty-two injured in Romania tram smash

Fifty-two injured in Romania tram smash
Bucharest: Officials say that 52 people were injured when a tram smashed into two stationary carriages in the Romanian capital during rush hour.

Bogdan Oprita, a spokesman for the emergency services, said that all the injured, eight of whom were being treated for head injuries and other trauma, were in a stable condition in three hospitals in Bucharest.

Public transport spokeswoman Brandusa Raeceanu said that the collision occurred in an underground passage in a residential area when a tram failed to stop, and smashed into the stationary vehicles.

Shabby white trams that run on electricity are an integral part of Bucharest's public transportation network.

Many people, however, consider them inefficient because they are often blocked by drivers who regularly drive or park on the tramlines