Burger King Sends Blank Order Emails, Thousands Of Customers Confused

The email sent by Burger King had the address of its promotional marketing team and baffled thousands of customers.

Burger King Sends Blank Order Emails, Thousands Of Customers Confused

Burger King initially thought the company has been hit by a cyber attack.

Fast-food chain Burger King sent blank emails to thousands of its customers with a receipt. However, the bill was blank. According to The Verge, the blank emails started appearing in customers' mailboxes at 12.15 am on Tuesday. This left people confused whether Burger King is hit by a cyber-attack, or if it is a blunder on part of the company. On Twitter, many of them posted screenshots of these emails sent by Burger King's promotional marketing team and mocked the company.

The Verge said in its report that there was no indication Burger King has been breached. The outlet also said that many people who received these emails never created a Burger King account.

"I just got a completely blank burger king receipt in my email. it is 12:30 in the morning and i did not order burger king. i do not think i have EVER ordered burger king. this is so menacing," a Twitter user said posting a screenshot of the blank email.

"Hey @BurgerKing, we ever gonna acknowledge your weird blank order from last night?" said another.

"Did anyone get a blank Burger King receipt in their email? I'm just confused, I never eat there," a third user tweeted.

Burger King's public relations team claimed in a response to The Verge that the issue was "the result of an internal processing error".

Another website How To Geek said that Burger King may have purchased collections of addresses for marketing purposes - a common business practice - and then sent the blank email to many people in the database.