This Article is From Jul 07, 2022

"Sad To Be Giving Up The Best Job In The World": Boris Johnson's 5 Quotes

Boris Johnson, 58, announced that he would step down after a slew of resignations from his top team in protest at his leadership

'Sad To Be Giving Up The Best Job In The World': Boris Johnson's 5 Quotes
New Delhi: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday quit as Conservative party leader, after three tumultuous years in charge marked by Brexit, Covid and mounting scandals.

Here are 5 quotes from Boris Johnson's speech

  1. In politics, no one is indispensable. I regret I have not been successful.

  2. I am sad... to be giving up the best job in the world.

  3. It is clearly the will of the parliamentary Conservative party that there should be a new leader of that party, and therefore a new prime minister.

  4. I will support the new leader.

  5. We will continue to back Ukraine.

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