9-Year-Old Dies Of Asthma Attack, Parents Arrested For Doing Nothing For 3 Hours

The incident took place in February but the parents were charged this week. They could face 10 years in jail.

9-Year-Old Dies Of Asthma Attack, Parents Arrested For Doing Nothing For 3 Hours

The parents have been charged for neglect and child endangerment.

A couple in the US have been arrested in connection with the death of their nine-year-old daughter after an asthma attack. According to Metro, Anthony and Rachel Modrow allegedly failed to call an ambulance and instead ran Amy Lynn Modrow a bath when she suffered the asthma attack. The incident took place when Amy was at her friend's house in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her parents refused to seek medical treatment for her and a call was made on the emergency number 911 after three hours, the outlet further said.

Her parents have now been charged one count of second-degree manslaughter for the alleged neglect and endangerment of their child.

The documents filed in court say that when Amy started experiencing breathing difficulties, the nine-year-old told her friend's mother that she only has her grandmother's inhaler.

The woman then called Anthony who sighed and handed the phone to Rachel who asked for Amy to be taken home, as per the court documents cited in the Metro report.

She even told Amy's parents that the girl is not faking the attack and offered to take her to the doctor, but the Modrows declined the offer.

Three hours later, Amy's aunt called a family friend who reached Modrow's home and saw the girl's skin had turned blue, that she struggled to lift her hand and was crying.

While Rachel had gone to prepare a steam bath for Amy, Anthony didn't fill her inhaler, as per the family friend's account mentioned in the court documents.

Insisting that the girl needs medical attention, the family friend then took Amy out of the house and phoned 911 at 10.40am some three hours after Amy's flare-up began, phone logs showed.

Amy was taken to Hennepin County Medical Centre but the doctors could not find a pulse and she was declared brain dead due to a lack of oxygen.

Doctors later told investigators that Amy would have had a "much better chance to survive with earlier medical intervention", accoding to the documents.

Asthma attack should be taken seriously and it's recommended to call emergency services if a flare-up lasts longer than several seconds after taking 10 inhaler puffs.