This Article is From Nov 21, 2019

For 2021 Tamil Nadu Polls, Rajinikanth Promises "Miracle - 100 Per Cent"

Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have created a stir, indicating there might be a possibility of their joining hands before the 2021 assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have talked of "travelling together".


Actor-politcian Rajinikanth, who raised the spirit of fans with his remarks on collaboration with Kamal Haasan, today said he would not comment on who the Chief Ministerial candidate would be if they eventually join forces before the 2021 assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

"During election time our party workers will decide," he said when asked about the matter by reporters. But one thing was certain, he indicated. "In 2021, the people of Tamil Nadu will perform a miracle, 100%," he said.

"Miracle" is not  a word the 68-year-old actor shies away from. On Sunday, he used it to take a dig at the AIADMK's Chief Minister E Palaniswami, who has managed to save his position despite initial uncertainty. "So, miracles will happen. It happened yesterday, it is happening today and it will happen tomorrow," Rajinikanth had said.

On Tuesday, both Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan had created stir, indicating there might be a possibility of their joining hands.

"Rajini and I will travel together if there is a need for Tamil Nadu's development. If there is a need for travelling together we will tell. Now, work is important. We can talk about our policies later. We are together for 43 years, we joining together is no miracle," Kamal Haasan had said.

An hour later, Rajinikanth, on his way to Goa, told reporters, "If there is a situation that requires for the development of the Tamil people, I would join hands with Kamal Haasan".

Mr Haasan started his party, the Makkal Nidhi Maiam in 2018. But the actor's huge popularity is yet to translate into votes. In its maiden election in April May, the party had polled only 2 per cent votes and failed to win any seat. Rajinikanth, who announced his political aspirations in 2017, is yet to launch his party.

The state's ruling AIADMK had scoffed at the possibility the two superstars joining hands. Any political alliance between the two would look like "a cat and mouse living together", the AIADMK said.