After the rain, garbage and muck on Bangalore streets

Bangalore: Temperatures in Bangalore may have dropped after Wednesday's rain; however its garbage problem has now resurfaced. Locals have once again complained that garbage hasn't been picked since the last few days up in many localities, creating a mess.  

While the municipal authorities claim that garbage from most parts of Bangalore is being cleared, mountains of muck is still found in some prime locations. The rain only made it worse for commuters as the already piled up filth began flowing onto the roads.

Former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa, now estranged from his party, the BJP, used this as an opportunity to hit out at the state government. "If Bangalore Municipal Corporation doesn't clear the garbage on war footing, then I will sit in protest in front of the corporation office. This never happened when I was in power. This type of garbage has never been here like this for the last 15 years," he said.

The garbage problem in Bangalore is not new. In August, the garden city witnessed several tonnes of filth strewn across the city as the main dump at Mavallipura outside the city - that usually receives the city's waste - was closed following protests by villagers living in the area and a closure notice from the state's pollution control board.

After the waste began piling up, the clean-up finally began after pressure from the public and the media. Even the Karnataka High Court criticised the corporation's functioning following a Public Interest Litigation filed on the garbage issue.