Planning To Install Kitchen Chimney? Check Out 5 Options Available Under Rs. 10000

Looking for a chimney for your kitchen? Here're a few budget-friendly options for you to try.

Planning To Install Kitchen Chimney? Check Out 5 Options Available Under Rs. 10000

Let's agree, those oil, stains and grease on the walls of kitchen can be visually disturbing, and cleaning the grease is yet more tiring. This is where a kitchen chimney comes handy. It absorbs the oil while cooking and prevents those unwanted stains on the walls. Today, you would find chimney hold a constant position in every kitchen. It not only keeps the kitchen clean, but also saves a lot of cleaning time after work. If you explore the market, you would find multiple chimney options available, each coming under certain price range, unique features and more. These many factors often leave you utterly confused, right? Considering this, we handpicked some kitchen chimney options, with different specifications - all available under Rs. 10000. Sounds perfect? Now, let's take you through.

Here're 5 Chimney Options Under Rs. 10000:

Inalsa Ekon Kitchen Chimney:

This pyramid design chimney has 1050 m3/hr suction power and is suitable of a kitchen with two to three burners. You can use it for heavy frying and cleaning and also clean it easily when needed.

Allia Kitchen Chimney:

This wall-mounted chimney comes with baffle filter that keeps the smoke out of your kitchen by sending it directly to the outlet. It also has two LED lamps installed in the chimney to give proper lighting on your cooktop, while cooking.

Faber Pyramid Kitchen Chimney:

This chimney has a suction capacity of 1000 m3/hr and is ideal for two to four burners. It also comes with a noise control button to avoid unnecessary noise of the appliance while using.

Hindware Pyramid Kitchen Chimney:

This wall-mounted chimney is ideal for two to three burners. It comes with double baffle filter that makes it easy to clean and maintain. Besides it also has user-friendly push buttons for smooth operation.

Elica Chimney:

This chimney is wall mounted and has 1100 m3/hr suction capacity, perfect for a kitchen size less than 200 sq ft. You can use this chimney for heavy frying purposes. Besides, it is easy to maintain too.