5 Tools And Appliances That Are A Must In Your Smart Kitchen Setup

Looking to setup a smart kitchen to save time while cooking? Then check out these tools and appliances to add to the setup.

5 Tools And Appliances That Are A Must In Your Smart Kitchen Setup

Today, spending hours in your kitchen seems like a distant dream, especially during the weekdays. Managing office work, daily chores, along with cooking meals, can be over whelming at times. Hence, we look for ways to make our work quick and efficient to save some time for ourselves. And this is where technology comes handy. If you look around, you would find technology has blessed us with various tools and appliances to do everyday work smoothly. It stands true for your kitchen too. There are various kitchen tools that eliminate the manual labour of cutting, chopping and organizing ingredients before you actually start the cooking process. In this article, we bring you few such essential appliances that are a must-have in every smart kitchen setup. Take a look.

Here're 5 Tools And Appliances For Your Smart Kitchen Setup:

1. Skytone Electric Chopper:

We all know cutting and chopping ingredients with precision needs time, energy and skill. To save you from the hassle, we bring an electric chopper option that will help cut vegetables finely, grind meat for kebabs and chop nuts to garnish your kheer. This chopper comes with a two-litre stainless steel bowl and four stainless steel blades that makes the product sturdy and efficient.

2. Vinod Two-Tier Rice Cooker:

For the ones who believe in multi-tasking, this rice cooker is a perfect option to add to the kitchen setup. From cooking rice to steaming vegetables to preparing momos, you can do it all in this cooker, without the fear of it getting overcooked or burnt. The rice cooker comes with an auto-off switch that automatically stops the cooking process once the food gets prepared.

3. Agaro Royal Mixer Stand:

Kneading dough for making roti can be tedious. To help you with that, we found a mixer option that will help you knead the dough automatically. Besides, you can also use it to beat cream, whisk eggs and prepare batter for your cakes and muffins.

4. Wonderchef New Crimson Edge Air Fryer:

If you are a fitness enthusiast, but don't want to give up on good food, then this air fryer is a must-have in your kitchen. From French fries to kachoris and samosas, you can make it all in this appliance, without adding any excess oil to it. You can also roast, grill and bake you favourite food items in this appliance.

5. Milton Smart Egg Boiler:

Eggs are man's best friend and boiled eggs make for a wholesome meal in the morning. Hence, we bring you a smart egg boiler that comes with a quick and easy one-touch operation to boil eggs as per your choice. You can prepare soft, medium and hard boiled eggs of your choice, without any hassle. It also comes with auto shut off option that stops cooking once the food gets prepared.