Amazon Sale 2021, Kitchen Appliances: Get Up to 70% On Electrical Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances offers on Amazon: Get these electrical appliances to cut down your time in the kitchen. And the best part is that there are some really interesting deals and discounts on electrical kitchen appliances. Read on.

Amazon Sale 2021, Kitchen Appliances: Get Up to 70% On Electrical Kitchen Appliances

Amazon Sale: Here are some of the best deals on electrical kitchen appliances

We all know that technology plays an imperative part in our life. It does not just reduce the hours and hours of strenuous work but we also get much better results. Our modern electrical appliances, for instance, are here to cut our time in the kitchen short and deliver a better quality of life, right? Why sweat it out in the kitchen when an electrical appliance could do the same work in half of the time and deliver perfect results too. Since Diwali is the right time to upgrade our gadgets - mainly because of the unmissable sale and discounts - many of us are on the hunt for better deals on modern kitchens electrical appliances. It could be an electrical chopper for quick chopping or an electric grill for a fuss-free barbeque session - whatever your need is, this might be one of the best times to move ahead with those plans because Amazon India is here with a month-long Amazon Great Indian Festival sale. What's better is that it has some of the best deals on electrical appliances that go up to 70% off on some items. So what are you waiting for? Grab these electrical appliances as long as the sale lasts.

Amazon Great Indian Festival: 5 Electrical appliances on up to 70% off:

S.noProduct NamePrice
1Butterfly Electric Kettle (Silver with Black)559
2Prestige Induction Cooktop (Black)1,730
3WINANTI Electric Grill Portable Tabletop1,399
4Glen Electric Mini Chopper, Black1,499
5Butterfly Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner, White1,299

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1. Butterfly Electric Kettle (Silver with Black):

An electric kettle helps you warm water instantly with a push of a button. Boiling water, making tea and soups have never been faster. The product has features like auto cut-off that cuts off the power supply when the temperature inside exceeds the desired levels. It protects the appliance from damage, making it safe and improves its lifespan as well. With a stainless steel body and interior, cool-touch handles, cordless base and ergonomic design get the product at a whopping 50% off.


Price - 599

Rating - 4.2/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Silver with black

Capacity - 1.5 litres

2. Prestige Induction Cooktop (Black):

The product has intelligent automatic power adjustment for different foods; it also comes with an automatic voltage regulator that ensures durability and better performance. It is portable to use and carry, has a flat surface for quick and hassle-free cleaning. It saves energy as the product offers direct heating and it also has an Indian menu pre-set that helps you make various authentic dishes. The product is available on 40% off.


Price - 1,730

Rating - 4.1/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Black

3. WINANTI Portable Electric Grill:

As the winters arrive, outdoor parties with grills and barbeques are soon going to be a thing and when that does happen you can easily depend on this no-fuss electrical grill. It doesn't use coal and has a drip tray that makes clean up easy for even first time users. The materials used are safe and healthy for consumption, the cooking grid is chrome-plated and the heater pipe is stainless steel. The smoke-free portable electric grill is great for travelling, especially for camping and caravanning holidays. Get this electric grill at almost half the price at 53% off.


Price - 1,399

Rating - 4/5 (Amazon)

Colour - Black

4. Glen Electric Mini Chopper, Black:

You can use the multipurpose chopper to instantly process small quantities of food with a touch of a button. The product comes with a rust-resistant stainless steel blade for chopping onions, capsicum, tomatoes, cabbage, nuts etc. And a whisker disc to make frothy batters, whisking eggs & creams.The anti-skid base ensures that the chopper does not move while in operation and the motor unit is made of high-quality ABS plastic body for durable use. Get around 44% off on the product while the sale lasts.


Price - 1,499

Rating - 4.3/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - Black

5. Butterfly Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner, White:

With the recent developments in the world, the safety and sanitization of the food we consume have become equally important as any other step. And an electric fruit and vegetable cleaner is just what you need for that extra assurance. The product will help remove pesticide residues, germs and infectants from the surfaces of raw food items. It comes with an Active Oxygen Technology that kills bacteria and eliminates hazardous chemicals. It is also equipped with three Auto Predefined Timers. Get the fruit and vegetable cleaner at up to 74% off.


Price - 1,299

Rating - 3.7/5 (Based on Amazon)

Colour - White

There you have it; these are some of the electrical kitchen products that you can grab till the sale lasts.