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Updated: August 13, 2011 01:13 IST

Check out our review of Ram and Hansika starrer Kandireega

Meet the stars: Kandireega
Ram is well-known for his energy, being fondly tagged the Energetic Star. Though he has had no big hits in the recent past, he took a long break after Ready, only to return with Kandireega.

The film marks the debut of director Santosh Srinivas. While Dhada opened to mixed reviews and average collections, Ram's task becomes tougher as he opens exactly a day later.

However, Kandireega is a non-stop entertainer, giving Ram some much needed relief on the release date itself.
Meet the stars: Kandireega
Seenu (Ram) is a mischievous guy who couldn't complete his graduation. His father, however, disallows him from marrying unless he does so.

Even his sister-in-law (Maradalu) stops him from marrying. And so, Seenu decides to go to the city and complete his graduation.

As he steps in the college, he happens to meet Shruti (Hansika) and loses his heart at first sight. However, a local goon Bhavani (Sonu Sood) wants to marry her, too; Shruti is afraid Bhavani, who casually beats up anybody who even looks at her.

Realizing this, Seenu goes straight to Bhavani and challenges him so that he can win her affection.
Meet the stars: Kandireega
Seenu thrashes the goons who chase Shruti, making her believe that he could save her from Bhavani. Without trying too hard, Seenu makes Shruti fall in love him, sidelining Bhavani.

But Bhavani tries to forcibly marry Shruti; pre-empting this, Seenu lifts Shruti from the venue and takes her away. But some other goons follow them and kidnap Shruti.

Here comes the twist: Bhavani reveals that the kidnappers are the followers of Warangal Rajanna (Jayaprakash Reddy), who is much bigger don than him. However, the reason for crime is different.

To add to it all, Rajanna's daughter Sandhya (Aksha) falls in love with Seenu and in order to fulfil her wish, aska Rajanna to kidnap Shruti and bring Seenu home.

Seenu goes to Rajanna and agrees to marry Sandhya. At the same time, he pleads for 10-days time.
Meet the stars: Kandireega
On the second day, Seenu makes it clear to Sandhya that her so-called 'love' for him is nothing but an extended infatuation. But as the marriage date fixed, Bhavani too comes to Rajanna's house.

To try and settle matters, Seenu links Sandhya to Bhavani and tries to make her believe that she is in love with him. After several twists and turns, Sandhya comes out in open with Rajanna that she was in love with Bhavani and not Seenu.

The film ends on a happy note with the union of Seenu and Shruti.
Meet the stars: Kandireega

Ram as usual gave his best performance in the film. He pumped lots of energy into the character. He maintained good comedy timing and showed lots of ease in his body language, histrionics. He was good at dances and energetic in action scenes. In fact, it was Ram all alone who took the entire responsibility to run the show.

Hansika became heavy and grew lots of fab and she needs a rigorous exercise to shape up her body. But for the cute face, she has nothing. Moreover, she did not get any great opportunity to perform as well.

Aksha got a meaty role in the film. She makes entry into the film in the second half and delivered good performance. In fact, the film would definitely give her a good break. Sonu Sood once again got a lengthy role in the film and showed good comedy villainy. Jayaprakash Reddy is adequate and this time, he used the elangana slang in the film.

Comedy by Chandramohan, Raghubabu, and Srinivasa Reddy is entertaining. Brahmanandam just came and went but left a mark of his own in the film.
Meet the stars: Kandireega

Cinematography by Andrew is worth mentioning here. He captured the emotions, action scenes, and beautiful locales in the foreign countries with his camera. Music by Thaman is good and the choreography of songs is also good to watch.

Especially, Ram's flexibility in dances is a highlight. Storyline is very old and has nothing new. However, it is the debutant director Santosh Srinivas' talent gave it new look. Santosh Srinivas appeared quite promising director.

His direction reminds the audiences of Sreenu Vaitla's style and Ram's erformance reminds us Raviteja. The director penned the screenplay in a very tight and perfect way and the audiences don't get bored at any given point of time.

Especially, the twists in the story, the growing number of villains in the second half is quite confusing but the director managed all of them well.
Meet the stars: Kandireega

If the director chose a novel subject instead of routine, he might not have done justice to the story. However old be the story, when a director had the capability to run the story in a novel way, it would definitely get a new kind of movement.

Santosh Srinivas caught the pulse of the audiences and at the same time, he kept in mind Ram's body language in penning a right script and screenplay for the film and bagged a hit.

Definitely the film would be a hit in B, C centres because of its mass elements and action scenes.
Meet the stars: Kandireega
She made her Telugu film debut with the 2007 hit, Desamuduru, for which she won the Filmfare Best Female Debut (South) award.
Meet the stars: Kandireega
She next starred in Kantri, which was the Telugu remake of Karan Johar's Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, where she played the role originally essayed by Rani Mukerjee.

Kantri was declared a smash hit.

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