Viral: Elderly Man Rescues Stranded Cat In Heartwarming Video

Over a million views for this video - and counting.

Viral: Elderly Man Rescues Stranded Cat In Heartwarming Video

A viral video shows an elderly man rescuing a stranded cat.

A video of an elderly man rescuing a stranded cat has struck a chord with many. The video, which has gone viral online with more than a million views, shows the cat stuck on a tin roof, apparently too scared to jump down.

In the short video, the elderly man helps the stranded cat down by holding a chair up for it to climb into. After the cat jumps into the chair and sits down on it, the man lowers it carefully to the ground. The cat is then seen running away happily into an alley.

The heartwarming cat rescue video has delighted many, including filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, who shared it on Instagram on Thursday. "Kindness is the best form of humanity," wrote Mr Bhandarkar while sharing the video. Watch it below:

The video was also shared widely across other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, it has collected more than 1.8 million views since it was posted on Wednesday on a page dedicated to memes and funny videos.

The elderly man in the video has also earned a lot of praise for helping the cat.

"Love this uncle," wrote one commenter on Instagram. "So sweet," said another.

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