This Article is From May 20, 2023

Video: 6-Month-Old Baby Kidnapped In Car Theft Rescued by US Police

According to the police, the six-month-old baby who can be heard crying in the video appeared uninjured.

Video: 6-Month-Old Baby Kidnapped In Car Theft Rescued by US Police

The officers found the baby in a car seat in a ravine.

The Fort Worth Police Department of the United States has released a video showing the moment police officers located a baby who had been kidnapped along with the stolen car on May 15.

The video shows officers saying, "We've got the baby," as they retrieved the child, which was lying in an abandoned area.

Sharinf the video on Facebook The Fort Worth Police Department wrote that "patrol officers responded to a kidnapping call in the 3300 block of N. Pecan St. The complainant told officers that an unknown male had jumped into her car and driven off with her six-month-old baby in the car. Numerous additional officers responded to the search for the vehicle, including narcotics, gang, and directed response units."

"Just over an hour after the initial call, officers located the stolen car on Deen St. and took the suspect into custody; however, the baby was missing from the car."

"Officers gathered information from the suspect and began checking the area. Approximately five minutes later, officers located the baby and car seat lying in a ravine nearby.
The child appeared uninjured and was reunited with a parent," the police department said.

The cops also wrote that the suspect was charged with kidnapping, abandoning or endangering a child, and auto theft.

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