Watch: This Shield Claims To Protect Your Makeup In The Shower

Online, the response to the shield has been mixed

You may never have wanted to shower with a full face on makeup on - but just in case you ever feel the urge, there's a nifty product to help you out. In the world of bizarre beauty innovations, a new addition is this shield that claims to protect your makeup in the shower. A video by Insider explores what the ShowrShield does, and how it fares under a shower.

The shield features a plastic mask with Velcro straps. According to Insider, the straps make it easy for anyone to wear the shield and adjust it as they like.

And how does it fare when it comes to protecting your makeup in the shower? Well, according to Insider's reviewer, the shield does a good job of ensuring that your face doesn't get wet. You can keep your lipstick and your eyeliner pristine while you enjoy your shower, thanks to the makeup shield.

Online, the response to the shield has been mixed. While some have questioned its whole purpose, given that showers are meant to get people clean, others have praised its functionality.

Would you invest in a shield to protect your makeup in the shower? Let us know using the comments section.

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