This Restaurant Serves Solo Diners Only, Delivers Food Via Rope

Diners will sit in the middle of a lush meadow, and food will be delivered to them straight from the kitchen via a rope.

This Restaurant Serves Solo Diners Only, Delivers Food Via Rope

Bord For En: This restaurant will serve only a single customer at a time.

People across the world have adopted social distancing as a way of life amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Shops encourage people to queue up maintaining a three-foot distance, while eateries urge customers to leave every other seat empty when they sit down for a meal. One pop-up restaurant that is all set to open in Sweden, however, will take social distancing to a whole new level by serving solo diners in the middle of an empty field, delivering food to them via a rope. 

The appropriately-named Bord For En or Table For One will open on May 10 and run till August 1, reports CNN

Located in a lush meadow in Varmland, the restaurant is the brainchild of couple Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson. They came up with the idea after a lunch with Linda's parents, where Rasmus, a former chef, served food through a window. 

"We should make this available for everyone," Linda said to Insider. "It will be the only COVID-19-safe restaurant in the world."

And so Bord For En was born. The single-table restaurant will practice social distancing by serving only solo diners. No waitstaff will be needed at this restaurant, for food will be delivered to the table straight from the kitchen, through a basket attached to a rope. 

"We want to be able to concentrate on that sole guest when preparing the meal. But also, it is a way for us to be able to control that the guest's experience will be totally COVID-19-free," says Linda. 

She also added that the restaurant would welcome everyone, irrespective of their "financial situation", and allow guests to pay the amount they want for the three-course meal they are served. 

"We are all are facing difficult times and there are people that have lost their jobs, loved ones, or even their mind. We welcome all, no matter what financial situation you are in," said Linda. 

While most of Europe is locked down to contain the spread of coronavirus, Sweden has kept primary schools, restaurants and bars open while encouraging citizens to maintain social distancing.

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