This Article is From Mar 23, 2022

Watch: Hikers Scream As Large Snake Lunges At Them In Hair-Raising Video

The frightened hikers screamed and ran as the camera went out of focus.

A group of hikers recently had an encounter of a lifetime as they walked through a hilly stretch in Thailand. As they moved along a narrow walkway, a large snake jumped on one of them. Fortunately, it did not bite. A video of the harrowing incident has gone viral. It showed a woman walking ahead and another person recording her ascent. Not anticipating a slithery surprise, they appeared to be enjoying the hike. Suddenly, a large snake appeared out of the bushes alongside the rocky stretch and jumped on the person who was behind the lens.

The frightened hikers screamed and ran to safety as the camera went out of focus. The incident happened in Chiang Rai, a mountainous province in northern Thailand, on March 20. And, the video was shared by ViralHog on YouTube the next day.

“A rat snake surprises people on a hike," reads the caption.

The clip has been viewed by more than 12,000 people so far on YouTube.

Rat snakes are non-venomous and they kill by constriction. They do not pose a threat to humans. As their name implies, rats are their favourite food. However, it is difficult for most people to distinguish between a venomous snake and a rat snake when one is lunging towards them menacingly. And, people often prefer to run in such circumstances.

A user, too, suggested that people should run the moment they come across a snake. “Run save yourself, don't stop running, never look back,” the person wrote.

But another felt that the hikers reacted late to the snake attack.

“Such a late reaction,” the comment read.

Recently, a mysterious furry green snake was found in a swamp in northeast Thailand, baffling locals and animal experts. A man saw it first and he kept it in a glass container filled with water. The family fed the snake small fish. A snake species coordinator said that the snake could have grown algae on its scales.

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