This Article is From Jun 10, 2017

Now, 'One Dog Policy' In This Chinese City

People with more than one dog would have to pay a fine of $300

Now, 'One Dog Policy' In This Chinese City

Qingdao is the third Chinese city to enforce the "one dog policy"

Nearly two years after China got rid of its one-child policy, a city in China has put in place a similar policy but for a different section of the population - its canines. That's ruff!

Qingdao city in Eastern China has enforced a "one-dog policy" under which it will penalise people who have more than dog with a fine of nearly $300. The policy came into place from Thursday. However, people who already have more than one pet will be allowed to keep them.

The rule also banned 40 "ferocious" dog breeds for residents. German Shepherd, Tibetan Mastiffs and pit bulls are among the restricted list.

qingdao banned dogs

The list of 40 "ferocious" dog breeds banned by Qingdao administration

Dog owners would also have to a pay a one-time registration fee of $60 for their pooch. They would also have to wear an electronic ID which with all their information. The rule also states that dogs would have to be on a leash at all times.

Qingdao is the third Chinese city to enforce the rule after Beijing and Shanghai.

"The rules were spurred by "more and more people raising dogs, which has led to some dogs disturbing residents, and even cases of them injuring people", an official told local media.

According to 2015 estimates, China was home to about 100 million pets, 62% of which were dogs.

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