"Looks More Real Than The Film": AI Recreation Of 'Lagaan' With Cricketers Takes Social Media By Storm

This post includes characters such as Bhuvan, Lakha, and Gauri, who now feature faces of popular cricket stars and Anoushka Sharma.

'Looks More Real Than The Film': AI Recreation Of 'Lagaan' With Cricketers Takes Social Media By Storm

The AI-generated visuals are highly realistic and entertaining.

With the help of artificial intelligence, many people on social media, AI enthusiasts, and tech experts have been creating very realistic and original-looking images. This technology allows them to reimagine scenes that can't be seen in real life, like showing historical figures in the modern era.

Following this trend, a social media user named Sahid SK has created an interesting project called "Lagaan Reimagined." In this project, he replaced the faces of Aamir Khan's team from the film "Lagaan" with the faces of current Indian cricketers.

The main characters of the film Lagaan, which are Bhuvan, Lakha, Puran Singh, Ismail, Arjan, Mukhiya Ji, Bhura, Deva Singh, and Kachra, had their faces replaced by Indian cricketers like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, and Suryakumar Yadav. Even the face of the character Gauri, which was played by Gracy Singh, was replaced by the face of Anoushka Sharma.

Along with the captions, the creator placed a disclaimer: "The following images were created through artificial intelligence for experimental and entertainment purposes. We wish to emphasise that these images are entirely fictional, and no intention exists to defame, harm, or malign any public figure or belief."

The images have gone viral, and some social media users are sharing them on their personal pages, leaving interesting comments on them.

"This looks more realistic than the film itself. I like it. It's so funny," commented a user.

"After seeing this, I am feeling like watching Lagaan once again," wrote another user.

"Jadeja, Shubman, Hardik, and Bumra fit so well in the images, and the last image was beyond our expectations, bro. No words to say," commented a third user.

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