International Yoga Day 2024: Date, Theme And History Of This Day

International Yoga Day 2024: This day serves as a reminder of the ancient practice's positive impact on individuals, fostering unity and harmony.

International Yoga Day 2024: Date, Theme And History Of This Day

International Yoga Day is observed on June 21.

International Yoga Day 2024: Observed annually on June 21st, International Yoga Day fosters global awareness of the ancient Indian practice of yoga and its multifaceted benefits for physical and mental well-being.

Theme Of International Yoga Day 2024

The theme of International Yoga Day this year is "Yoga for Women Empowerment." It will focus on enhancing the physical and mental well-being of women. To celebrate the day, various events and sessions will be organised globally to promote awareness about the practice of yoga. 

History of International Yoga Day 

The history of International Yoga Day dates back to the time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, proposed the idea of International Yoga Day at the UN General Assembly. In his address, during the opening of the 69th session of the General Assembly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: "Yoga is an invaluable gift from our ancient tradition. Yoga embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action ... a holistic approach [that] is valuable to our health and our well-being. Yoga is not just about exercise; it is a way to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and nature."

Significance Of International Yoga Day 

The significance of International Yoga Day is multifaceted, promoting the practice of yoga and its benefits on a global scale. Here are some key points:

  • Raises Awareness:  The most prominent aspect is raising global awareness about yoga.  International Yoga Day puts a spotlight on this ancient practice, encouraging people to explore its potential for improving their lives.
  • Celebrates Benefits:  The day celebrates the numerous benefits of yoga for both physical and mental well-being. This includes promoting yoga for stress management, flexibility, strength, and overall health.
  • Unites the World:  International Yoga Day fosters a sense of global unity and cultural exchange. People from all backgrounds and nationalities come together to celebrate yoga, creating a sense of community around this shared practice.
  • Promotes Inclusivity:  Yoga is known for its adaptability.  The day celebrates the inclusivity of yoga, highlighting that it can be practised by people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels.
  • Boosts Wellness:  By encouraging people to try yoga, International Yoga Day has the potential to improve global wellness. This can contribute to a healthier and happier population.


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