Company Sends Left-Handed Mumbai Girl Customised Sharpeners, Wins Hearts

Manufacturers of the beloved and iconic Nataraj and Apsara pencils did something very sweet for a 4-year-old Mumbai girl

Company Sends Left-Handed Mumbai Girl Customised Sharpeners, Wins Hearts

The company sent five specially-designed sharpeners to a Mumbai schoolgirl.

We all know a 'lefty' or two - people who are left-handed - but not many of us realise the struggles they face in day to day tasks designed to be executed with a right hand. Something as simple as sharpening a pencil can be tough for left-handed people - a fact that a mother realised only when she saw her left-handed daughter struggling to do so. Mumbai resident Shweta Singh's experience of receiving pencil sharpeners designed specially for left-handed children from Hindustan Pencils has touched many and gone massively viral on Facebook.

In her post, Ms Singh writes that she saw her four-and-a-half-year-old daughter crying because she couldn't sharpen her pencil. Realising her dilemma, Ms Singh wrote a leading stationery manufacturing company - Hindustan Pencils - about her problem. One phone call and a week later, Ms Singh found a package from Hindustan Pencils that contained five sharpeners designed exclusively for children with left hand writing skills.

"Although we do not have a regular production of left hand sharpeners however, through our R&D we are sending these five units of sharpeners exclusively made for children with left hand writing skills," said the accompanying letter.

"We are working on a regular production of these sharpeners and will be glad to connect with you once we release them in market," they added.

Read Ms Singh's heartwarming post and see the letter from Hindustan Pencils below:

Since being shared online just one day ago, Ms Singh's post has gone viral with over 4,000 shares and 11,000 'likes'.

"My daughter is loving her new sharpener. For a 4.5-year-old, sharpening a pencil is a big thing. Since now she can do that on her own she is super excited," said Ms Singh to NDTV. "I would request companies to manufacture other stationery items as well which is designed for left handed skilled kids," she added.

Meanwhile, Hindustan Pencils - manufactures of the beloved and iconic Apsara and Nataraj pencils - has earned a lot of goodwill on social media.
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