German Tourists Lost In Australian Wilderness After Following Google Maps

Misleading directions from Google Maps led two German tourists to become stranded in the remote Australian outback.

German Tourists Lost In Australian Wilderness After Following Google Maps

German tourists spent a week walking back to the town.

Two German tourists, Philipp Maier and Marcel Schoene, found themselves lost in the Australian wilderness after following directions from Google Maps, according to 9News. They were traveling from Cairns to Bamaga and ended up on a remote dirt track that led them into a national park closed to the public.

As per the news outlet, their car got stuck in mud after driving 37 miles on the deserted track. With no cell service and limited supplies, they were forced to abandon their vehicle and hike for over a week to reach safety. They faced harsh weather conditions, including thunderstorms and extreme heat, and even encountered a crocodile-infested river during their ordeal.

After traveling 60 kilometers, they encountered difficulty as their vehicle got stuck. Attempting to proceed on foot, they soon realized they were facing a grave situation.

"I feel like in a movie, like in a bad movie, but it had a happy ending," Maier said.

"We tried to build a shelter. But that didn't work really well," Maier said.

"So we slept under the sky. It was raining the whole time, but it was okay."

It took them a week to walk back to the town of Coen. Eventually, they successfully reached the small township to seek assistance.

"Once they realised they were being led up a dry gully, they pulled back and stayed with the vehicle as long as they could before making the decision to walk out," Queensland Parks and Wildlife ranger Roger James said.

Maier mentioned that there was a crocodile in the final creek they crossed.

A representative from Google stated that the company is relieved that the German tourists are safe and mentioned that an investigation is underway.

This is not the first time Google Maps has led users astray. A few months ago, a group in California was directed off the highway and into the desert by the app.

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