Chef Vikas Khanna's "Guru Dakshina" For The Man Who Taught Him Dibba Roti

"This is the true heritage of our country and we have to protect these treasures," wrote Vikas Khanna on Twitter.

Chef Vikas Khanna's 'Guru Dakshina' For The Man Who Taught Him Dibba Roti

"MasterChef Satyam" - the man from whom Vikas Khanna learned how to make dibba roti.

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna has paid his "guru dakshina" to the man from whom he learned how to make dibba roti - a popular snack of Andhra Pradesh. Mr Khanna, who has been helping with coronavirus relief by donating ration to those affected by the lockdown, tracked down the 72-year-old man so he could offer help during the pandemic. The Michelin-star chef explained that he had learned the technique to making dibba roti by watching videos of the "MasterChef" on YouTube and shared a link to the video

Mr Khanna took to Twitter on Monday to ask for help in tracking down Satyam. "Thank you Street Byte for introducing me to MasterChef Satyam. I learnt technique of Dibba Roti by watching him years ago," the Michelin-star chef wrote on the microblogging platform while sharing a picture of the chef from Andhra Pradesh. 

"Please help me reach out to him asap," he appealed. "This is the true heritage of our country and we have to protect these treasures." He also added the hashtag #GuruDakshina - a Hindi word that signifies repaying one's teacher or "guru". 

Netizens managed to track down the 72-year-old man in no time at all and sent details to Mr Khanna, who then organised ration for him. He took to the microblogging platform again this morning to share an update informing his followers that the master chef had been found. 

"Thank you all. We have found Masterchef Satyam,72, who taught me Dibba Roti technique (through YouTube)," he wrote while requesting the help of a trustworthy person who could deliver provisions to the man.

Chef Vikas Khanna's gesture was widely appreciated on Twitter, where his two posts have collected hundreds of 'likes'. Many took to the comments section to thank him for helping his teacher. 

In April, Mr Khanna started an initiative to create a "supply chain" delivering dry ration across cities in India. According to updates he shared on social media, this supply chain has been able to help families in more than 15 cities of India, including Agra, Hyderabad, Delhi and Pune, among others.  

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