Bureaucrat Introduces Plantable Visiting Cards For Sustainable Networking

IAS officer Shubham Gupta has introduced an innovative environmental initiative using plantable visiting cards.

Bureaucrat Introduces Plantable Visiting Cards For Sustainable Networking

Social media users have applauded this efforts.

An Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer has unveiled a green idea that turns conventional visiting cards into an environmentally beneficial step towards sustainability.

Using the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), IAS Shubham Gupta, Municipal Commissioner of Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad Municipal Corporation in Maharashtra, posted pictures of his distinctive visiting cards.

Shubham Gupta declared that anybody who came to his office would be given one of these plantable cards. His dedication to advancing environmental sustainability is evident in the nearly 500,000 views on his post.

The caption on these cards reads, "Anyone coming to my office from now on will get this card. It grows into a beautiful marigold plant when planted." The cards are implanted with seeds from marigold plants.

Social media users have embraced Mr Gupta's creative and environmentally conscious approach, praising the effort extensively.

"What an innovative idea! Kindly share where to get such recyclable cards printed," commented a user.

"A well-driven initiative, sir. Do you also think the government should exercise being environmentally friendly more often? I mean, they should cut off on many things; even with this concept, it helps a lot. But I think the real waste lies in the rallies. I'm just asking for your opinion," wrote another user.

"Very good initiative. Shubham Ji, @Yoth2047, has been skilling tribal women to prepare such cards, which include Tulsi, marigold, and many others. This truly sets the right message! Even the papers that are used are recycled, which leads to providing livelihoods to such women," commented a third user.

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