This Article is From Sep 19, 2023

"Bots Or Humans?" Bookstore Slammed For Job Ad With Unrealistic Expectations

The bookstore is facing criticism from social media users for the list of expectations mentioned in the job advertisement.

'Bots Or Humans?' Bookstore Slammed For Job Ad With Unrealistic Expectations

The bookstore is hiring for five roles.

A job advertisement by a Delhi bookstore that was supposed to attract skilled candidates from social media platforms has gone viral for the wrong reasons, with users calling the requirements for the roles "unrealistic." The bookstore, Kunzum, is hiring for five roles: graphic designer, video editor, events manager, salesperson, and content creator. However, the requirements listed in the ad have left many people scratching their heads.

The vacancy notification mentions that "we work weekends, holidays, and all hours. WFH is not an option." This was a requirement that users found very controversial. In addition, the ad states that candidates should have a "bubbly" personality, always smile naturally, and be social enough to chat up strangers.

The post by the book chain has sparked a plethora of critical comments. Social media users are questioning the company's expectations of its employees, and they are arguing that the requirements are unrealistic and unfair. They are also pointing out that the ad perpetuates harmful stereotypes about what it means to be a good worker.

Here are some interesting comments from users about the job ad:

The discussion has also highlighted the importance of flexibility and work-life balance in the workplace. In today's world, many people are no longer willing to sacrifice their personal lives for their jobs.

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