Bizarre Video Shows Tap Water Burning. Watch

Ever seen water burning? Watch the video below.

Bizarre Video Shows Tap Water Burning. Watch

A viral video shows water going up in flames when a lighter is placed near it.

A video that is going viral online appears to turn the laws of nature on their head. Filmed in China, the video shows a stream of tap water going up in flames when a lighter is placed near it. 

According to Ladbible, Miss Wen, a resident in Panjin city, shared footage of the burning tap water on Chinese social media website Weibo, where it quickly went viral. Since being posted on Sunday, the video has been shared across several social media platforms. 

It has been viewed thousands of times on Twitter, where the bizarre footage has garnered incredulous responses. 

"Compared to regular tap water, our water always seems more oily," Miss Wen was quoted as saying by Newsweek as she complained about natural gas seeping into their water supply. She said that her father had complained to the local water supply station this summer, but the problem was not addressed. 

"My mother had concerns about our health because the water was gaseous but odorless," she said, claiming they first noticed the flammable water "three to four years" ago.


Authorities took note of the problem after her video went massively viral online and, in a statement released Tuesday morning, said that the flammable water was due to "a small amount" of natural gas leaking into the groundwater. 

"On the morning of 22 November, a resident reported on Weibo that 'the tap water in a villager's home in Liaoning can be set alight'," they said in their statement. 

"Dawa District attached great importance to it and acted swiftly... At noon on the 22nd, water wells in the problematic area were shut down, residential water pipes were disabled, and temporary adjustments [were made]."

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