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April Fool's Day 2019: Hilarious April Fool's Day Jokes And Pranks

April Fool's Day 2019: Use of these hilarious April Fool's Day jokes and pranks ideas to surprise your friends

April Fool's Day 2019: Hilarious April Fool's Day Jokes And Pranks

April Fools Day 2019: Some jokes and pranks to surprise your friends with.

Don't be surprised if you see your friends, family and co-workers acting a little extra suspicious these days. After all, it's time for April Fool's Day - a day when it is socially acceptable to prank your near and dear ones. April Fool's Day is celebrated on April 1. It is a day of laughter and cheer, when people around the world play practical jokes on their loved ones. These good-natured pranks are a time honoured April 1 tradition. April Fool's Day is a time to indulge in some harmless fun, and so we decided to list a few hilarious ways in which you can prank your friends and family on April Fool's Day 2019!

Just be considerate and make your jokes are harmless, and then go ahead and enjoy April Fool's Day! Take a look at some funny April Fool's Day jokes and pranks below:

Offer them a glass of water... but make it upside down

This oldie but goldie prank is fun, harmless and sure to get a few giggles. To do the upside down glass trick, fill a glass with water, put a piece of paper on top and then carefully turn it around and place it on a table. Then simply leave a note that reads "Have fun cleaning this up" and watch as your friends try to pick it up without creating a mess!

Replace their air freshener with something not as sweet-smelling

There are quite a few possibilities here, so take your pick and laugh as you watch realisation dawn on your friend's face.

The lock up

This hilariously simple April Fool's Day prank can be played both at work and home. If your co-worker leaves their coffee mug lying around, invest in a lock and key and enjoy the ensuing scene! It's the perfect crime.

Cling wrap everything

This is a great prank that's easy to execute and doesn't leave a big mess. Simply get a roll of cling wrap and use it to wrap up something - a toilet seat at home, a door, your colleague's desktop... It's an April Fool's Day prank that's funny without causing any harms, so a win-win!

Sticky situation

Another office prank, though you can also try it a home. It's a great way to avoid work on April Fool's Day, if only for as long as it takes to remove all the post-its! If you're feeling ambitious, you can even try covering a whole car with sticky notes.

Donuts vs veggies

Nothing worse than expecting a sweet treat... and getting veggies instead. This prank may take a little bit of effort, but it will be worth it!

The No Prank

Finally, if you don't want to spend a lot of time planning your April Fools Day prank but still want a few laughs, try this: Take a box of sweets to office, stick a note on it saying 'Happy April Fool's Day', and then wait and watch as everyone tries to figure out what's wrong with it! Simple, no-fuss and hilarious.

Meanwhile, if you think it's only people who play pranks on April Fool's Day, think again! Companies and organisations also spend a lot of effort on their April Fool's Day jokes. Read about the best ones here.

Which April Fool's Day prank are you going to play? Let us know using the comments section below.

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